September 7th - November 2nd, 2019


"The Hairs, The Hats and Aunt Fancie"




Thanksgiving, meeting  the family in Michigan, long table, too much food, four generations. Like every year.

Talking and listening, eating and drinking, full and tired. Started dreaming; did my ancestors do the same?

The unknown around 1750, grain storing in her braids, waiting in the camp of a slave harbor somewhere near the Gold Coast

Mary in the 1840s, working at the cotton plantation and weaving the maps in hairs and quilts to escape to freedom

Maudy 1880 the first free slave, who searched for the victorian identity, wearing large hats with colorful feathers and ribbons

Vera Mae in the Golden Twenties, hurting under Jim Crow’s racism, wearing finger waves, using  hair straightener

Lela always afraid of lynching homicide, hot combs, pin curls, updos, equality to the white primacy

Fancie in the fifties, leaving the south, celebrating „Sunday’s Best“ founding her own bespoke hat shop

Robin, 1975, education, revolution, black empowerment, Black Panthers. Afro Hair

Camilla, Reagan era, 1985, atomic war and birth of hip hop, everything goes, mullets and curls

Roberta 90s, Rodney King, L.A. Riots, it starts again, boxed braids

Doesn’t it feel like we are at the beginning again?


Ashley Scott, 2019, Berlin, Deutschland