is a paralell programm an Arsenale 2012,
the first international Biennale for Contemporary Art in Kiew

The project „Expectation“ is one of the many consecutive variants of the artists’ world-view, which she has developed in the course of her considerations about life and creative work. Man in his temporal and spatial diversity, in his entirety and mutuality, with his inexhaustible particularity and oddity, becomes the subject of interest, an unfailing source of inspiration, nourishing both reason and the senses.
The wall installation “Expectation” is a network of figures, stories and situations, a union of all eras in their continuity and simultaneousness.
The finite and the infinite…
The transient and the eternal…
The past, the present and the future…
Boundaries between them may exist, but are barely discernible.
The human chain moves within life’s space, which the artist defines as an area of expectations: Man is born, waits, dies.
This expectation contains hope and hopelessness, meaning and meaninglessness, purpose and purposelessness of human existence. The best and the worst at once.
It is no coincidence that the artist turns to the well-tried genre of mural art, in which the master painters of the Renaissance already used to tell the eternal biblical stories in the narrative language of their times’ everyday life. The artist not only commands most distinctive features of the medium in a virtuoso manner, she also adapts them expertly to the present, both technically and thematically.
Likewise, the renunciation of colours is no coincidence. The essential is thrust into the spotlight. In black and white. The calligraphic perfection of the drawing. The clarity and refinement of the lines, which, together, constitute the complex meshwork of life. There are no colours or ornaments. Time is too precious for that. What we see is merely one of the many reflections of the artists’ worldview. Only a  fleeting moment.